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Glaucoma Treatment


There are several different lasers used in glaucoma treatment. Three of the most common laser treatments are:

Selective laser trabeculoplasty (SLT).

Mr Bhermi often recommends this as a first line treatment in patients with open angle glaucoma. The laser treats the trabecular meshwork, the area where aqueous normally leaves the eye. The laser application increases the amount of fluid outflow and this in turn, decreases the eye pressure.

SLT laser is a quick treatment. It takes 5-10 minutes to treat each eye and is performed as an outpatient procedure. One advantage of this type of treatment is that the need for glaucoma drops may be avoided.

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YAG laser peripheral iridotomy (PI)

YAG laser peripheral iridotomy (PI). This is used in patients with acute angle closure glaucoma or primary angle closure glaucoma (PACG). The laser makes a microscopic hole in the iris (coloured part of the eye) to prevent a build up of aqueous fluid behind the iris which can lead to increasing eye pressure.

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Cyclodiode laser:

This treats the cilliary body, reduces the amount of aqueous production and lowers the eye pressure. It is usually reserved for eyes with advanced glaucoma where other treatments have not been sufficient.

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