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Glaucoma Treatment

What treatments are available:

There is no cure for Glaucoma, however,  the disease can be managed to prevent loss of vision and blindness. If you have high pressure in your eye(s) and are at risk of damaging your vision, the aim of treatment is to lower the eye pressure to a level where damage is unlikely to continue. If damage has occurred by the time you are first diagnosed with glaucoma, the aim of treatment is to prevent further vision loss.

Treatment options fall into three categories. There are many options in each category and these can be discussed and individualised at your consultation with Mr Bhermi.

Glaucoma Treatments:



There are numerous eye drops, all of which work in a slightly different way. Mr Bhermi may recommend one or more combinations of drops to reduce the eye pressure to a satisfactory level.



There are several different lasers used in glaucoma treatment. Three of the most common laser treatments are:



Different types of surgeries have developed over the years and new techniques continue to emerge. Surgery is usually needed when drops or laser treatment have not adequately controlled the eye pressure.

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